About us

Our Statement: You'll receive the best customer service you've ever had and we'll make available the highest quality products on the market. We'll ensure that every product we sell is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. We will, at the same time, strive to produce and prepare these products with mother nature in mind,  working with groups and earth caring organizations to help the planet through recycling, upcycling and giving back to the planet.

Organic & Wildcrafted is what we strive for - eliminating the emissions of green-house gases through 'low emission' organic farming and cultivating the land in its wild form, without human intervention.

​We hope to inspire and motivate others and do our part to love and respect mother nature and our home. 

How it all started

Mother Nature's Essentials was ignited from the love of our daughter, Pepper Valentina Rose Penketh who was born with a heart defect. She had undergone open heart surgery just 7 days after arriving into this beautiful world. She was a superstar and defied all odds. After completing surgery she was left with a significant scar. Our doctors mentioned two things to help with scarring, one: vitamin e oil and two: keep it out of the sun for the first year.  We first started breaking open the vitamin e capsules.  This was far too goopy and not really working out for us. This sparked our extensive research and testing to come up with the perfect vitamin e oil blend which was 100% natural (not-synthetic) and which was easy for the skin to absorb. We created this vitamin e oil and truly believe we've created one of the best.  And as for Pepper, she is doing perfect and so is her scar.

Thanks for reading.

Best Wishes, The Penketh Family